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Precision Machining
For the customers who have their own moldshop but need some spare parts, we also can supply the precision machining service. Our machining center is a big support for tool making and also for our customers who have their own mold shop but need the precision machining service. Our factory is equipped with complete precision processing equipment, including high-speed CNC (32000 r/min), precision EDM, wire cutting machine etc. We can control the tolerance of insert steel within ± 0.005mm~0.01mm with our high-precision processing equipment and measuring instrument to ensure that processing is efficient and accurate. Our QC Team will do 100% inspection for electrodes and steel inserts. Our QC report based on customer's 2D part drawing or 3D data. Our measurement accuracy can be accurate to +/- 0.001mm. All the QC reports can be provided to customers per request.

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