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Design & Engineering
Good product start from good design. Our inhouse design and engineering team who has been engaged in helping our customers to analyze the product feasibility and optimize the mold design. Our engineers always concern nice product, longest mold service life, and reduced & simplified tool maintenance. Our engineers will prepare feasibility studies for each project in order to identify the advantages of various different solutions. The average have worked in this field more than 5 years. For each project, we exchange ideas with our customers, consulting, modifying, until make customer satisfying. The project engineers can communicate well in English, most of them have 10-15 years of experience in mold design, mold manufacturing and injection molding, and can closely match the needs of customers. There will be a project engineer be assigned to follow up your project from PO release to final delivery, who will give you the tooling solution, supply you the weekly schedule, review the mold trial with you together, also will reply you all the technical questions during the processing.

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